7. Sudetské Tojnárkovo bloudění

24.–26. září 2021


9. 7. 2021

The event bulletin is available and the entry system is ready to use.

6. 6. 2021

Event leaflet has been updated.

30. 5. 2021

All proposed event check point have been checked and approved. Another batch of photos is avaible in the event photogallery.

12. 5. 2021

Vetting of the check points for the “Lost in Tojnarek’s Sudetenland 2021” is almost complete, the last two control points will be checked by the end of May. Enjoy photos in the event photogallery.

14. 11. 2020

The English website of the event “Lost in Tojnarek’s Sudetenland 2021” has been launched. The event leaflet and a short video from the event 2020 (by Cookies & Pancakes) are available.

You can also visit archive of the past events and admire maps, courses and team routes.