6. Sudetské Tojnárkovo bloudění

25.–27. září 2020


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Lost in Tojnarek’s Sudetenland 2020

Organizer: Krušnohorský rogainingový klub Litvínov
Date: 25.-27. 9. 2020
Event site: Nová Ves v Horách, Most district, Czech Republic
Event Centre: Restaurant and pension Pod Lípou.
Event type and used map: 2nd event of the CAR series 2020. Winning teams in Open categories gain a certificate of free start at the 3rd event of the series, the Czech Mountain Orienteering Champs 2020 (team has to compete at the same team composition).
3 stage rogaining of pairs.
  • Friday 25. 9. Night 2 hour rogaine; map 1:30000, e = 10 m, condition 09/2020
  • Saturday 26. 9. Traditional 5 hour rogaine; map 1:40000, e = 10 m, condition 09/2020
  • Sunday 27. 9. Historical 4 hour rogaine; map issued in 1850, 1:28800, Lehmann hachure instead of contours
All maps will be on waterproof material (Pretex) printed.
Event area: Picturesque terrain of the Ore Mountains, full of rocks and magic moors.
Time measurement and punching system: SportIdent system will be used for goal time measurement only.
!!! Each team runs with one SI chip !!!
Check points numbers, their point values and punching instruction will be shown in CP descriptions. In most cases you will copy a code (letter/number) from a plastic stripe to the relevant field of your punching card. Use your own permanent marker.
Teams and categories: A team consists of 2 competitors, you can submit your entry for following categories:
M - men only,
W - women only,
X - one man and one woman;
J - Juniors - age of each team member has to be 18 years or less
O - Open - no age restriction
V - Veterans - age of each team member has to be 40 or more
Transport: We strongly recommend individual car transport.
If you travel by public transport, use a bus from Litvínov and get off at a bus stop „Nová Ves v Horách, Obú“ (only few metres from the event centre).
Parking: Do not park nearby pension “Pod Lípou” (limited parking space). Use parking lot Na Výšině, GPS coordinates: 50°35’27.660“N, 13°29’19.805”E, 600 m from the event centre.
Please do not park on the main village road; your car would be towed-away!
Accommodation: Hard floor at the event centre (own sleeping bag and sleeping mat) - 115 CZK per person and night.
Pension “Pod Lípou” is fully occupied, make your own accommodation arrangements. You can choose from other nearby hotels that are listed here. Mind some information can be outdated.
Meals: Restaurant Pod Lípou is the only meal offering pub at Nová Ves. They promised to open at 9:00 (kitchen will operate from 12.00 to 21:00). We offer possibility to order soup (31 CZK) or hot meal (122 CZK) via on line entry system. The meals have to be ordered and paid up to Sunday 20. 9. 2020. Pre-paid meal coupons will be distributed at the registration desk.
Entries and starting fee: Via on-line entry system

Basic starting fee per 1 person - paid up to Sunday 13. 9. 2020 24:00:
CategoryAll 3 stagesFri night 2HSat 5HSun historical map
Juniors360 CZK50 CZK160 CZK150 CZK
Others420 CZK70 CZK180 CZK170 CZK

Late starting fee per 1 person - payment from Monday 14. 9. 2020 0:00 up to the end of the registration (only limited number of maps):
CategoryAll 3 stagesFri night 2HSat 5HSun historical map
All categories500 CZK80 CZK210 CZK210 CZK
Payment: Starting fee or SI chip rental pay to the bank account of Krušnohorský rogainingový klub Litvínov. Bank address: Fio banka, a.s., V Celnici 1028/10, Praha 1
Event schedule:

Friday 25. 9. 2020:
19:00 – 22:00 - registration at the event centre
20:30 - handout of maps and CP descriptions for 2H night rogaine
20:45 - SI chip clearing and check
21:00 - mass start of 2H night rogaine
23:00 - end of 2H night rogaine

Saturday 26. 9. 2020:
8:00 – 9:00 - registration at the event centre
9:30 - handout of maps and CP descriptions for 5H rogaine
10:15 - SI chip clearing and check
10:30 - mass start of 5H rogaine
15:30 - end of 5H rogaine

Sunday 27. 9. 2020:
8:30 - handout of maps and CP descriptions for 4H historical rogaine
8:45 - SI chip clearing and check
9:00 - mass start of 4H historical rogaine
13:00 - end of 4H historical rogaine
14:30 - supposed start of prize giving ceremony

Team evaluation:

The number and order of control points is up to discretion of each team (go-as-you-please). The 3 best complete teams in each category will be awarded. The final ranking of a team depends on the sum of the points gained during the all 3 stages. In case of the equal point result the better time wins.

Time limit overcrossing is charged by a point penalty for each started late minute:

  • Friday 25. 9. Night 2 hour rogaine - 10 points
  • Saturday 26. 9. Traditional 5 hour rogaine - 20 points
  • Sunday 27. 9. Historical 4 hour rogaine - 20 points

Time limit overcrossing by more than 30 minutes results in 0 point team result at a stage.

Compulsory equipment:
  • SI chip
  • permanent marker for CP punching
  • Taking part in the rogaining event is on the own risk of every competitor. All participants have to sign an indemnity form at the registration desk.
  • After the start of map and CP description handout you are not allowed to consult any other map except for the next stage map issued by event organizers.
  • Check points of the Saturday stage will be placed both in the Czech Republic and Germany. All competitors should have his/her ID during the whole race.
  • The organizer doesn’t hold responsibility and/or liability for any damage caused by any participant of the race.
Event officials: Event director and Course setter: Jan Tojnar