6. Sudetské Tojnárkovo bloudění

25.–27. září 2020


29. 9. 2020

We published photos from prize giving ceremony and a short video by Cookies & Pancakes.

28. 9. 2020

The event is over and results are available on the website.
On the Play-Map website you can upload your event routes (GPS logs) or draw your route manually:

25. 9. 2020

This year event preparations has brought a lot of improvisation, be prepared for possible alteration during the race weekend as well. The most important issue: any person with COVID symptoms should stay home.

Please leave your car at the parking lot designed in the final bulletin. You can leave your clothes at the upstairs hall of the restaurant, but do not enter it in racing shoes. Use some slippers etc.

See you in Nová Ves.

24. 9. 2020

Final Bulletin is available now. The German government still allows travelling from the Germany to the Ustecky region and vice versa. The restaurants including the event centre pub has to close at 22:00 and opens at 12:00 (Saturday/Sunday). The upstair hall will be available from  9:00 already. The weather forecast is for heavy rain, take some slippers leave the racing shoes on the ground floor.

21. 9. 2020

All check points have been placed in forest, event maps were sent to the printing company and meal order was stopped. Now we will follow the forthcoming COVID measures…

Nevertheless organizers and participants will face another complication as well: the event area has been split in two part by Antilopa pipeline construction. Getting over the ditch with pipes is very hard, but not impossible. The only easy crossing is road to Lesna hotel. The obstacle will seriously affect planning of the Friday night and Sunday historical rogaine. A special symbol of the pipeline in the map will be shown in the final bulletin.

Some photos from weekend are available in summer photogallery.

17. 9. 2020

Tomorrow, on Friday September 18 we will stop meal order. During the weekend we are going to place all the check points and send the event maps to the printing company.

13. 9. 2020

The 1st registration term of the Lost in Tojnarek’s Sudetenland will be over in few hours. We will accept late entries for the increased entry fee since Monday.

Mind all the ordered meals have to be paid up to September 18 (Friday). I will have to pay all the dishes on Saturday. All the non-paid orders will be cancelled.

6. 7. 2020

I have visited the event area and added few photos to summer photogallery.

29. 6. 2020

Bulletin and on-line entry system are available now. Pension Pod Lípou has been already fully occupied, don´t hesitate and book any nearby hostel asap. Or alternatively order hard floor accommodation right in the event centre (own sleeping bag…).

28. 6. 2020

Today I visited several check points and event centre. Few photos are in photogallery. The bulletin is almost ready and entry system is tested now.

22. 5. 2020

The new date of this year event Lost in Tojnarek’s Sudetenland is September 25-27. The event centre will be moved to Pension/restaurant “Pod Lípou”, Nová Ves v Horách, Most District.

12. 3. 2020

Unfortunatelly all sport events have been banned here in the Czech Republic. Now I am discussing a new event date, maybe in September.

10. 3. 2020
  1. The Czech Government has banned all sport events with attendance of more than 100 participants (organizers included). Therefore we had to restrict the number of entered participants to 99 persons (based on principle “First come, first served”.) Now there is capacity for 12 additional teams.
  2. Unfortunately we need to find a new event centre. We have some ideas; information will be available up to Tuesday March 17.
  3. If the situation is worsen the cancellation or postponing of the event can’t be excluded.
16. 7. 2019

The English website of the event has been launched.