5. Sudetské Tojnárkovo bloudění

29.–31. března 2019


4. 4. 2019

We have published some event photos in photogallery.

31. 3. 2019

The event is over and results are available on the web.
On the Play-Map website you can upload your event routes (GPS logs) or draw your route manually:

29. 3. 2019

The registration desk was moved outside of the restaurant Lesna, to the museum of Ore mountains. See the Final Bulletin.
We prepared an explanation of control descriptions in order to help you to understand maybe difficult terms used in them. Don´t hesitate to ask organizers for more detailed explanation.

28. 3. 2019

Final Bulletin is available now.

11. 3. 2019

Despite the rainy weather I setted several event check points. Snowless areas in full-grown forest contrasted to snow fields on tracks and semi-open areas. Check several photos in the event photogallery.

23. 2. 2019

The first this year survey was conducted around Lesna Event centre. Although a thaw and rain have significantly lowered amount of snow in the event area, you can still use cross-country skies there. Another warm spell is coming so that we expect perfect foot conditions in March. There are few photos from our trip: 02/2019 - Survey Lesná.

9. 1. 2019

The English website of the event has been launched. Bulletin, on-line entry system, photogallery and weather forecast are available there. You can admire the last year maps as well: