5. Sudetské Tojnárkovo bloudění

29.–31. března 2019


11. 3. 2019

Despite the rainy weather I setted several event check points. Snowless areas in full-grown forest contrasted to snow fields on tracks and semi-open areas. Check several photos in the event photogallery.

23. 2. 2019

The first this year survey was conducted around Lesna Event centre. Although a thaw and rain have significantly lowered amount of snow in the event area, you can still use cross-country skies there. Another warm spell is coming so that we expect perfect foot conditions in March. There are few photos from our trip: 02/2019 - Survey Lesná.

9. 1. 2019

The English website of the event has been launched. Bulletin, on-line entry system, photogalery and weather forecast are available there. You can admire the last year maps as well: