8. Sudetské Tojnárkovo bloudění

22.–24. dubna 2022


7. 5. 2022

Some event photos by Starouš added into photogallery.

2. 5. 2022

One week from the release of the preliminary results has passed without any protest, therefore the results are declared as offcial.

29. 4. 2022

This year event maps and team routes has been added into archive of the past events.

28. 4. 2022

Enjoy the coverage of the Saturday stage on the Czech Sport TV.

26. 4. 2022

I have added few photos into the event photogallery, including men´s underpants found at the event centre. The owner should mail me.

24. 4. 2022

The event is over and preliminary results are available on the website.
On the Play-Map website you can upload your event routes (GPS logs) or draw your route manually:

20. 4. 2022

The Final Bulletin is available now.

17. 4. 2022

On Good Friday I setted the last check points. The weather was not very pleasant, see photos. Now everything is ready for arrival of the event competitors.

14. 4. 2022

For the Friday night stage you can borrow a head lamp from the world renowned Czech firm Lucifer. The number of available devices is limited to 10 pieces. Don´t hesitate and order your lamp on the e-mail: tojnar@gmail.com. The fee 50 CZK per lamp can be paid at the registration desk. More information about head lamps (lumen output, runtime etc.) can be found on manufacturer website www.luciferlights.net.

10. 4. 2022

Some new photos from the event preparations have been added. The entry registration will be prolonged up to Friday April 15.

27. 3. 2022

Enjoy photos from the event preparations.

19. 12. 2021

Originally I did not plan to run the “Lost in Tojnarek’s Sudetenland” in 2022 because I will be fully occupied by organizing of the World Rogaining Championships. Finally I was persuided by Černice citizents to arrange another event at the pub U Jezeří. See you in Černice in April 22nd-24th 2022.

Today we launch the event website with Event leaflet and photogallery.

You can also enjoy maps and routes of the all past events.